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  1. Hello,
    We are starting up our food trailer and are looking for an amazing food photographer to take pictures of our food to be presented on our website as well as on our trailer.
    Can you provide us with details on what you charge? We are looking for a very simplistic white background to showcase our sweet and savory dishes.

    Thank you,

    Christina Peranio & John Edwards
    ( c ) 973-534-1363

  2. Hey Remy,
    Your work is extraordinary!! I hope when my space is completed you’ll consider taking some snaps of it! I’m working hard to make it something special. That leads me to my question – Do you happen to know the name of the artist who painted the mural on La Belle Helene’s restroom wall?? I’ve been searching and searching.
    Thank you so much for the consideration!
    Nicole Corriher

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