I am a photographer and writer covering the Savannah, Ga., Charleston, S.C., and Charlotte, N.C., markets for both editorial and commercial prospects. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @remythurston for daily finds, photos and my general life experiences—expect food. You can also reach me via phone at 9I2.3O8.77I8, or via email remy@remylthurston.com.


My life is defined by my experiences. I have been fortunate enough to have had several defining moments—through travel, friendships or something as simple as accidentally ordering the best salad known to man—that have brought me to be who I am today.

I was drawn to the journalism industry by my love of stories, starting all the way back when my French mother would read Tintin books in French and in English so that I would grow up bilingual. Eventually, my taste wandered to James Bond novels as I matured, but the taste for adventures and story telling was glued to my palate.

Satiating this craving was easy when I was younger. We would often travel to see my mother’s family in France, and as a family we lived in New England and the Pacific Northwest before settling in Savannah, Ga. The change of locations provided a view of America that has become indispensable as I interact with subjects across the spectrum that is the United States. Later, as school and then work prevented me from doing as much traveling, I began going places using only my eyes and my taste buds. Surprisingly, my New Yorker father, not my French mother, taught me how to cook and experience food—things as simple and beloved as spaghetti to complicated and rustic dishes like boeuf Bourguignon. It has all become a stew of experiences that have come to define me.

I had picked up cameras and taken pictures in my life, but I had never really made a picture until I took photojournalism at the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Georgia. From then on, I knew that even if it wasn’t how I was earning a living, making pictures would be something I would be doing until I was too old to fire the shutter. It allows me to capture moments of life that can exist longer than myself.

In college, I was the Senior Editor at Ampersand magazine, the offshoot of the Red & Black newspaper that services the UGA campus. When they first hired me, it was as a food writer, a job I gleefully kept even as an editor. Food was all I knew at the time. By the time I left, the management of a magazine had become not just something I looked forward to but something I never wanted to end. Everything was a delicate balance of giving the designers enough room so that you didn’t hover over their shoulders in contrast with the ferocity I sometimes scribbled out a style error in red pen from a new writer. It taught me, more than any other class in school, how to work in a team, how to design and paginate but mostly how to get it all done before deadline.

I now work for myself, working with clients in projects ranging from weddings, to restaurants, to product marketing. Everyday is different, and everyday is better than the last.

In the end we are all racing against the ultimate deadline, and I would like to get every dream I can completed before then so that my epithet has a killer editor’s note.



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